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Héléne Darras


Cinema / Television

Demo Reel - 2014


I've grown up in the north of France. After the Baccalauréat, in parallel of my studies of History & Geography, I started to take drama courses. Passion takes step on ground occupation plans’s. I decided to throw everything and to return me to Paris, where I began again courses at school "Eva Saint Paul" and at school "Blanche Salant".
Then, I launched myself and I mounted the differents steps, walk-on actor for Thomas Lilti, silhouette for Arnaud Desplechin, small dead role for Hervé Hadmar, small alive role for Lucas Belvaux, alive role for Jean-Marc Rudnicki, and many directors of short film offered me attractive roles, terrifying nurse for Fred Balmer, "Miss Rambo" for Mathieu Berthon, without forget an advertising in a dress of princess for Elie Chouraqui (Afflelou).


franck stan

Out Spring, 2015

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Hélène Darras